Pelicanman is a family film directed by Liisa Helminen who has won several awards for her earlier children’s films.

The film is based on the children’s novel Ihmisen Vaatteissa (In Human Clothes) by award-winning Finnish author Leena Krohn.

Ten-year old Emil leaves the countryside where he grew up and moves to town with his mother.

At the same time a Pelican lands on a sandy beach, not far from the town, and finds some clothes. He puts them on and takes his first steps as a human. He hitches a ride and discovers the town. He moves into a flat in the same block where Emil lives. The Pelican is unaware of the landlady’s allergy to birds.

Pelikaanimies (fin)

Pelikanmannen (swe)
Pelicanman (eng)

Review quotes

“Particularly by the standards of most American movies for kids, Pelicanman is droll and refreshingly gentle”.
Rob Nelson / Citypages 18.6.05

“Profoundly funny and profoundly Finnish… custom-cut for an English-lingo remake – provided a lead can be found who’s as charmingly quirky and naturally birdlike as ‘P-Man’s’ Kari Ketonen… It’s hard to imagine kids, or adults either, not warming to this rare bird, that’s sweet, forthright and honestly emotional. ”
John Anderson / Variety 27.4.05

“ The film works on several levels … Though aimed at a family audience, PelicanMan is not all giggles and cotton candy – which is why it works so well. The director clearly has faith in her young audience’s ability to recognize that life isn’t always about storybook endings. ”
Kevin Canfield / The Journal News 1.5.05

”The year’s best children’s film… goes straight to heart. Kari Ketonen as Pelican is brilliant, as well as the children, cinematography and the views of Helsinki.”
Sara Ehnholm Hielm / Hufvudstadsbladet

“Really good! Really exciting.”
Lilla Aktuellt

“A visual adventure, a true fairytale…”
Dagens Nyheter 25.2.05

“Fantasy-filled and reminiscent of a Spielberg saga….”
Stockholm City 25.2.05

“Well made, charming.”
Expressen 25.2.05

“A lovely, warm-hearted tale for all ages”.
Radio Vinyl

“Very sensitive, entertaining and above all a unique film which will make you thoroughly happy!”

“Pelicanman is a good childrens’ film – sufficiently sweet, sufficiently simple, sufficiently complex and very well made.”

“multidimensional and sensitive.”
Svenska Dagbladet 1.3.05

“…such a perfect film I don’t know where to start the praise.”
* * * * *
Helena Ylänen / Helsingin Sanomat Nyt 17.12.04

“Give yourself and your child a good Christmas present and go see the film.”
* * * *
Tarmo Poussu / Ilta-Sanomat 17.12.04

”Liisa Helminen’s Pelicanman is a disarming film, both for children and adults.”
Hans Sundström / Hufvudstadsbladet 17.12.04

“The worlds of children and adults meet in this outstanding film, reminiscent of Fellini’s Amarcord.”
* * * *
Antti Lindqvist / TV-Maailma 17.12.04

* * * *
Olli Kangassalo / Iltalehti 17.12.04

“The childrens’ acting is admirable.”
* * * *
Jenni Toivoniemi / Anna 16.12.04

“A sensitive film, works on many levels.”
* * * * *
Pasi Nyyssönen / Me Naiset 16.12.04

“Helminen’s film is among the best domestic films this year, regardless of genre.”
Tero Vainio / Kaleva 15.11.04