Tootletubs & Jyro (Turilas & Jäärä) REMASTERED 2016 (2001)


Tootletubs & Jyro is a warm and mind-broadening series about two eccentric bugs who accidentally meet, become friends and end up in odd adventures while searching for food or inventing new ways of using objects abandoned by human beings.

Jyro is an inventor full of wit while Tootletubs is easygoing – and a true gourmet.

The tales of Tootletubs and Jyro are about respecting your environment and fellow creatures.

Tootletubs and Jyro have been internationally awarded and they have toured childrens’ film festivals all around the world

“We wanted to arouse people’s interest in the insect world by portraying the characters as human and easily identifiable. The bugs in the film are neither good nor evil, but like us humans, they wrestle with their own weaknesses, with greediness and selfishness, for example. The opposite personalities of the main characters are sources of timeless comedy in the film. We were also intrigued by the scale of the insect world: from the insect perspective pebbles look like gigantic rocks and grass like an exciting jungle.

The characters use objects in an unconventional and surprising way. The main theme of the film is appreciating creativity and recycling. We want to encourage children to use their imagination more and to invent their toys themselves”.

Directors Ismo Virtanen ja Mariko Härkönen