Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck clashes with traditional expectations and mores when devoting herself to mastering fine art in 1880s Paris.


Young Schjerfbeck



Young Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck begins work in the atelier of renowned painter Albert Edelfelt in 1880s Paris. With her engagement recently ruptured, she is heartbroken. She welcomes the diversion of such a difficult task of replicating Edelfelt’s famous portrait of Louis Pasteur – commissioned by the doctor himself. Edelfelt is a handsome and infamous womanizer so Schjerfbeck’s friends and chaperone worry. While Schjerfbeck works with Edelfelt, she does become attracted to him for a brief spell. After Schjerfbeck’s work is praised by Pasteur and the Parisian art world, she emerges from Edelfelt’s atelier determined to live out her life as an independent artist.


Written by Charlotte Airas, Kimmo Kohtamäki and Antti Jokinen

Produced by Hanna Hemila, Handle Productions Oy


Older Schjerfbeck